Student Profile: Brittany Buckles

26 09 2012

On September 5th, SOS had its first meeting of the new school year! There was a great turn out and it really helped kick start the club for this semester. New and returning members got to meet the officers, here about the current committees and new ones that will form, vote on meeting times (there will be two meetings a week, every other week – one on Tuesday at 5PM and one on Wednesday at 5PM), and hear about how this blog will now be run.

This blog will continue to be used to inform members on the events and activities that SOS hosts, but it will also be looking more into sustainability news in the area, the nation, and the world. Furthermore, the blog will focus more on members of the club and what they’re doing so that SOS can connect to other students by showing students just like them in the club!

At our first meeting, members were supposed to come with their own personal answer to the question, “What does local, economic sustainability mean?” They entered their name and answer into a drawing and one lucky member was able to leave the meeting with a new bike. This member was Brittany Buckles and she will be our first student profile feature!

Brittany Buckles with the bike she won.

“Hey! I’m Brittany Buckles and I won the SOS bike giveaway at the first SOS meeting. I am so grateful for the bike, and I use it every day!

My description of local sustainability included the idea and importance of supporting your local economy.  This includes buying food from local farmers markets. Local sustainability also encompasses the idea of conservation and reuse.  Only buy what you need. Also, do not use plastic bags. Bring your own reusable bags when you purchase locally produced items.

This link will lead you to several farmers’ markets in Collinsville, IL.

My views on sustainability include reducing energy costs, such as turning off lights when no eyes are present. I support implications of sustainable machinery including wind turbines, solar panels, and grey water systems. I am a founding and current resident of the Eco-House on campus, and we are currently writing grants for these things to be applied to our home. Also, a very simple step towards becoming more sustainable is replacing the use of plastic water bottles with refillable ones. (If you do not have one contact myself or Dan Burton.)

I plan to use the bike from SOS to reduce my carbon footprint. I ride it everywhere I go on campus, which is easy for me because my house is located on campus. I gave the bike I was using to Inci Genc, a Turkish Industrial engineer student here at SIUE. She is a part of the Dual Diploma Program. She could not bring her bike to school on the plane, but now she is reducing her carbon footprint as a result of me winning the bike.

You can calculate your carbon footprint here.

Sustainability is a lifestyle. Energy is neither created, nor destroyed; do the conversions wisely.”



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